Business Worksops ARE fun - Trust Me!

Back in April when the Easter Bunny was hopping his cute little button tail around & chocolate was consumed in copious amounts, I was lucky enough to win a workshop with Bloom College via an online video competition. I was able to choose any 2hr workshop I wanted & I decided that considering I was very new at this floristry business thing It would be smart to attend the workshop called 'Blooming Business'.

Now I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting time to just fly past for this workshop (I mean after all it was a about business right?), I was expecting lots of notes & lots of information I didn't understand. But that was not the case. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked away feeling like I had learnt so much I could immediately take home to my own business & start implementing right away.

So here I am. blogging. updating my social medias, making pamphlets & all sorts of fun business related things. I'm excited about all this new information I learnt & I am excited that I have a better understanding of it all. I feel far less overwhelmed about it all now.

So thank you Yvette. Thank you Bloom College. I REALLY enjoyed my time with you at your workshop. I am definitely taking on board all your advice.

- Em xx

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