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Hi Lovely People!

First let me introduce myself. For those who don't already know me my name is Emily (Em for short) & i'm just an everyday mum trying to make a living playing with flowers while being there for my little family & raising money for suicide prevention & beyondblue all at the same time. Exciting right? Well, Maybe not to a lot of you, but it's exciting for me. There are reasons for all of this but I'm keeping this post short & to the point, so I'll get to those details it the near future.

First, a little more about my life;

I have 2 beautiful daughters & they keep me on my toes. They love that their Mum is a 'Flower Delivery Lady' & often tell people this. I am in the process of educating them on the whole 'Mum's a Florist' thing & we are getting there... It's a big word for a 3 & a 5 year old.

I am keeping my first post short & sweet.. One to get you started... and one to share my mug all over the inter webs! Ha!

Speak soon - Em xx

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