How To Get More From Your Flowers

Naturally I love flowers. As a florist that's kind of a given, BUT I also want everyone to get the longest life possible out of their flowers. Because who doesn't wan their flowers to last as long as possible. We all know flowers die eventually. But with a few of my handy little hints you will get the most life out of your blooms. I have flowers that last a month, of course this all depends on the breed of flower you are using, but at a minimum I get 2 weeks for any flower.
So here's a few tricks of the trade. A few inside scoops on how to get the longest life out of your flowers.

First things first...
- Remove and foliage that will be under water. Not only does this make the arrangement look nice & neat in your vase, but the foliage won't be able to pollute the water.
- Trim those stems. We recommend cutting 1-2cm off the bottom of any stems. Roses need to be cut & placed in water immediately & for an even longer life you can cut their stems under water (who knew right?)
- Top up water regularly & replace weekly.
- Remove any faded or dying flowers. This will allow the flowers that bloom a little later to shine & last longer.
- Keep flowers in a cool, dry place & away from direct sunlight & any heating vents during winter.

And that's it. That's what I do with all my flowers & they last at least 2 weeks.


- Em xx



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