The Fantastic Chevron Market

On Sunday I was lucky enough to secure a stall at The Chevron Market. It was wonderful. This market was 1000 times better than any other I have attended.

There was so much foot traffic & so many familiar faces it was so much fun! I got to chat with my fellow stall holders, make new friends & even saw a few friends I didn't' even know were the faces behind the business I had been following on social media for so long.

Now, a Florists day starts pretty early. You see we have to be up early to get the best from our flowers. To make sure our customers are getting the best from us & let me tell you, today was no different. Not only was I up & wrapping blooms at the crack of dawn, but I then had to head down & finish setting up my stand. Which as you can see - too a lot of effort (jokes). I really was up early, that part is true. But my stall - so easy to set up & just as easy to pack away. You see flowers speak for themselves. I don't need to dress up my stand to show of my flowers as the flowers do all the talking for me. You know why this is? Because flowers make people happy. And as we all know -That's what I love to do.

Market Stand

The market opens at 10am & by 12 we were 1/2 way through our stock. When the market closed at 2pm we only had 5 items left. I was gob smacked! Stoked of course, but genuinely gobsmacked. I was over the moon that I was on my way to making a profit to give to beyondblue because for those who don't know, 100% of profits made at our market stalls are donated to beyondblue. Unfortunately even though we did so well, we still did not make a profit at this stall, but I have chosen to donate some funds out of my own pocket anyway. Because I still want to give something back. 

I loved this market so much i am hoping to be back for the next one, and the next one & the next one. I'll keep coming back whenever you have a place for me Chevron! You have won my heart!

So keep your eyes peeled on our facebook page for any future market stalls we have coming up. We love getting out & meeting our customers & even more we love seeing your smiling faces.

- Em xo

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