The Sweetest Thing

During the school holidays I was able to take my gorgeous little gems along with me while I worked on my flowers. They helped me with my arrangements by choosing a few pretty petals at the wholesaler (alright, they chose a few flowers for them to keep at home & some to play with themselves) & by passing me my blooms when I was ready for them. They were super helpful.
It really was wonderful being able to spend the school holidays with them & also work with them in tow. They loved coming to deliveries & drawing me pictures & they even had a little back seat dance party (while strapped in their seatbelts of course) when we were out doing deliveries last Friday. And by dance party I basically mean they were 'moshing' (is that even still a thing?) in the back seat to Erika Jayne's Xxpen$ive... aaah - So fun!
But nothing warmed my heart more than when Lou wrote me this note. She passed it to me when we got home from our wholesaler on Thursday & said "I love coming to work with you Mum. It's so pretty." The note said "I like Mum delivering flowers to everyone" & she drew a little flower - Aaaw.
On our drive she had asked me why I do this job & she asked what I liked most. She had a lot of questions so I happily obliged as it's a 30 min drive each way. I figured she was writing down my answers, but turns out she was just taking it all in.
Ah.... Bless their cotton socks...

- Em xo

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