Where It All Began - Pt 2

My girls once had an uncle. My eldest Lou was lucky enough to know him for the first 6 month of her life. Tilly however was not as lucky. You see she wasn't born yet & was never privileged enough to meet her Uncle Stephen. They were also dearly loved by their Great Grandfather, their Great Poppa & Lou might even be lucky enough to have a few memories of him, but it's unlikely.

I mentioned in part 1 that there was more to my story, so much more. There were parts of my story that I didn't even realise meant so much until I decided to study the art of flowers (Floristry). While yes I love making people happy, I also feel a need to assist when it comes to depression & anxiety. Did you know that in any 1 year, around 1 million adults suffer from depression & over 2 million will suffer from anxiety? These are the cold hard facts & it wasn't until I read these statistics that I realised the connection my flowers could have with those suffering. And what is the connection you ask? It is a scientific fact that having fresh flowers in your home/office will reduce anxiety & depression & increase happiness. And that was it - a little light bulb went of. My inspiration was born. I was going to make flowers to make people happy & at the same time help with their anxiety & depression.

Unfortunately this all stemmed back to the suicides experienced by my family. It hit a nerve with me & I felt that this was my calling. In total I personally have had 11 people in my life turn to suicide. You read that correctly - Eleven - 2 of those are immediate family. That's a lot. A lot to deal with & a lot to try & get my head around.

My Brother in law, Stephen passed away over 5 years ago in early 2012 & then Poppa in 2015, just 3 years after Stephen. As expected it was a lot for our family to deal with, but the good to come out of it all is that it did bring us all so much closer together. We are a tight little family now. One that has been through something very traumatic together. We all deal with it in our own way & we deal with it together as a unit. We talk about both Poppa & Stephen often & we all make sure that both our girls know who they were & the life they had. Stephen was my age now, just 32.

For my husband & I the hard part is explaining it to our girls. I mean how do you do that? But you know what, we just do. We explain it as best we can & try to make it as simple as we can for our little ones. They understand They were unwell & they also understand that they love them & watch over them.

Once I realised I had a new skill that could make people happy & decided I would use that skill & my life experiences to feed my passion. To feed my flowers if you like. The idea of  conveying a message through flowers makes me smile. It makes me feel like I am doing my job right when I get the opportunity to pass that on. And as an added bonus my flowers will decrease any anxiety and depression that person may be feeling & make them happy without them even realising it (that part is like a secret message, a bonus feeling).

Recently I have started attending markets & holding stalls. I had a stall at a market back in June & am all ready to have another on the 9th of July (The Chevron Market - Come say hi). But in doing so I saw an opportunity to raise funds for beyondblue. An opportunity to help people understand a little bit more about mental illness. To donate to a cause that really hits home for my family. So I decided that going forward any profits that are made at our market stalls will be donated to beyondblue - 100% of it. Because in reality I love that flowers make people happy. I love that my arrangements might just help someone through a really shit day & that that little gesture from you to that person, the act of sending flowers, has made that persons day. You have put a smile on their face. So why not help out a worthy cause at the same time.

I will do anything to try & prevent another family from having to go through what we did & still do. I will do anything to stop a parent from having to bury their child, a brother & sister from burying their brother, a husband from burying his wife,a wife from burying her husband & a friend from burning their best friend. Anything I can do to help - I will.

 - Em xx

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