Where it All Started Pt 1

If you are inquisitive you may have already read my story & have an insight into why Floristry has become my passion. I mentioned before I have 2 young daughter (aged 3 & 5) & like all mums, these 2 are my heart & soul. But let me take you right back to the beginning.

I worked in a greasy workshop in for 10 years prior to studying floristry. I started that job when I was just 23 - a long time ago. I am now 33. You see my life changed. My eldest was about to start school & I wanted to be there for her & for my family 100% of the time. I wanted to be able to attend her school events & be one of those parent helpers when she wanted me to be. So I resigned with no future job lined up. After resigning i was shitting my pants wondering what i had done. Well, the simple answer is... I'm a Mum. I worry about everything. it's our job. We need to make sure our family is secure, is happy & is loved. My Husband supported me probably 95%, I think he was nervous too. But he wanted me to do what was right for our girls. So I did. I resigned.

So I started studying floristry via correspondence. I started the course in December last year & I knuckled down & finished that course in just 6 weeks. SIX WEEKS! I wanted to have the course finished when I left my job. I wanted to be ready to work on my website & get it all started. So why Floristry I hear you ask? Well that part is easy. I love making people happy. I love that feeling you get when you make someone happy & I love being able to convey that message for my customers through flowers. I really love it!

But there is more to this story. so much more. But my youngest minion is calling me & she must be fed, so I will leave that part for another time.... stay tuned...

 - Em xx

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