In 2012 our families life shifted. The family & the life as we knew it had changed forever.

My Name is Em & I am your local florist & the founder of Tilly & Lou.

It has been my goal to make people happy my whole life. I have strived to ensure that people are ok. That they have someone to talk to, somone to tell them they are loved & needed & in 2016 I finally discovered a fantastic opportunity to achieve this through the art of Floristry.

Did you know that it is a scientific fact that having fresh flowers in your home/office will lower anxiety & depression & increase happiness? 

That has become my goal. My dream. I am passionate about my role in your life & I will always endeavour to create arrangements that will lower anxiety/depression & increase happiness.

Sometimes all someone needs is a little sign that they are loved. That they are needed. That small gesture can change a life. And we hope you'll allow us to deliver that happiness to you & your loved ones.