Hi Doll!

My Name is Em & I pride myself on being the happiest florist in Wyndham - Yep, and you could bet on that!
I’ve been ‘playing with flowers’ since 2016. I love to make people happy & adore that I can achieve this through the art of Floristry.
I am passionate about breaking the stigma around mental health & about my role in your life. I will always endeavor to create arrangements that are not only filled with love, but that will increase everyone’s happiness. I will also always donate 100% of my profits from my market stalls to Black Dog Institute in memory of all the family members & loved ones i have lost to suicide & depression.
Sometimes all someone needs is a little sign that they are loved. That they are needed. That small gesture can change a life. And I hope you'll allow me to deliver that happiness to you & your loved ones.