Frequently Asked Questions

Can i chose the arrangement for my posy?
Yes. Our posies are created on the same day you order using the budget you specify. Flowers included in our posies are dependent on what flowers are in season at the time, but all other choices are selected by you.

What days do you deliver?
Monday - Friday (Ex PH).

Do you accept special orders?
Yes. All our orders are special to us. But if you would like a specific flower included please let us know in the notes at checkout so we can try our best to include them.

When will i be able to buy my flowers?
Anytime you like. We sell & deliver Monday - Friday. We post photos of all your blooms on both our Instagram & Facebook pages for everyone to see. So you'll get to see the styles we have created for our customers & you'll be able to see your order before we ship it off for delivery.

Do you deliver on weekends?
No. We believe weekends are for adventures with friends, sleeping in & spending time with your family.

Can i arrange a pre-delivery?
Yes. If you head over to our webpage you can select the item you'd like to order & at checkoutĀ a date for delivery can be selected.

What Is the minimum I can spend on flowers?
The minimum Youll need to pay for your flowers is $20+ Delivery.

Do you cater for events?
Yes. For more information please email us at with the event details & requirements.

Can I arrange a delivery if I'm outside the delivery zones?
No. Unfortunately at this stage we are only delivering to the western suburbs.