Frequently Asked Questions

Will my flowers look exactly like those shown on your website?
No. Images shown on the website are examples only. Arrangements are created on the day of selected delivery using the budget you specify, with a variety of flowers selected fresh from the market. Flowers included in arrangements are dependent on what flowers are in season at the time & no 2 arrangements will ever be the same. That's what makes Tilly & Lou's flowers so unique.

What days do you deliver?
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday (Ex Wednesday's & PH). Event delivery is available Saturday through prior arrangement only.

Do you do weddings & events?
No. We thoroughly enjoy the whole delivery process of your everyday orders & as we have small children we love making memories with them on the weekends.

How do I include a note for the recipient?
You can include any messages you would like with your order in the notes section at checkout & don't forget to write who it's from. We write exactly what you have included - spelling & all :)

Does the price shown on the product page include GST?

Do you accept special orders?
Yes. All orders are special to me. But if you would like a specific flower/colour included please let us know in the notes at checkout so we can try our best to include them. As we are a small business we cannot guarantee the flowers/colours you require will be available, but we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

When will i be able to buy my flowers?
Anytime you like. Flowers are available to order 24/7 via the website. We will post stories of all your blooms on both Tilly & Lou's Instagram & Facebook stories as they are being delivered. So you'll get to see the styles created for customers & you'll be able to see your order being delivered.

When will my arrangement be made?
Arrangements are designed with love & care using the most gorgeous flowers available to us on the day selected for delivery.

Do you deliver on weekends?
No. We believe weekends are for adventures with friends, sleeping in & spending time with your family.

Can i arrange a pre-delivery?
Yes. If you head over to the webpage you can select the item you'd like to order & at checkout a date for delivery can be selected.

What Is the minimum I can spend on flowers?
The minimum You'll need to pay for your flowers is $29+ Delivery.

Do you cater for events?
Yes. For more information please email Em at with the event details & requirements.

Can I arrange a delivery if I'm outside the delivery zones?
Yes, however only via prior arrangement. Deliveries to outside zones will incur a $30 delivery fee.

**All deliveries will be made by 5pm on the day of selected delivery.
Deliveries will be left in a safe & shaded spot if delivery address is unattended.**