Tilly & Lou is keeping you Covid Safe

Please Read Prior To Placing Your Order:

Delivery Changes

Closed Mondays & Wednesdays
During all this down time I realized I needed a few days to do all the boring things that need to be done to keep everything running smoothly. So I will no longer be delivering on Mondays or Wednesdays. I recommend planning in advance for this change to avoid disappointment.

Keeping Us All Covid Safe:

There is no denying that COVID has created a feeling of anxiety, loss of control & chaos. But in the midst of all those feels I need you to know I am are doing everything I can to keep you safe.

In addition to the health & safety measures I have been following since I first started Tilly & Lou, I also follow all the COVID-Safe Guidelines for my industry so you can continue to enjoy your flowers from your loved ones & your deliveries.

I need you to know I am here for you in the best way I can be by turning up on my socials & delivering your beautiful blooms.

- Em xx

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