Valentine’s Day Blooms (Pre-Order ONLY)

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Our beautifully colourful Valentine’s Day Blooms are perfect for your special someone that loves bursts of colour.
Delivered wrapped, in a gorgeous glass lantern vase & in their own fresh water, these beauties will keep for as long as you need with a little care & a regular top up of water.
Our Valentine’s Day Blooms are guaranteed to be colourful & are guaranteed to include roses.... 1/2 a dozen colourful roses. But they are also guaranteed to include 0 red roses... That’s right... We said ZERO red roses! We believe that all colours should be celebrated on Valentine’s Day, plus - We asked your wives, fiancés & girlfriends & they overwhelmingly requested lots of colour, so how can we say no to that - After all, we aim to please.
- - Available for Pre-Order ONLY - -
Pre-Orders close Friday 9th February 1900 (7pm).
We will only be delivering Pre-Orders on Valentine’s Day as flowers are in high demand. Valentine’s Day orders will of course be delivered On Wednesday 14th February by 5pm.
Valentine’s Day Blooms
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*Please note Image is an example only & no 2 arrangements will ever be the same. We do not follow a recipe when we create your flowers - That's what makes our flowers so special - Every arrangement is unique. However, we promise your Valentine’s Day Blooms will Include lots of L.O.V.E.... and 1/2 a dozen Roses, of course! Exact rose colours will be selected on the day of delivery.
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